Lemonade Date

Hi y'all,

I know I only started this blog a week ago, but I definitely want this to be a life+style type of lifestyle blog. In order to do that, y'all get real life posts!

Therefore, occasionally you'll see a "Lemonade Date" post. I can't have caffeine, but lemonade is definitely my guilty pleasure.

My biggest life announcement is I accepted a position to teach 5th grade! I'm so excited to FINALLY be doing what I love. I start Wednesday with New Teacher Orientation! I student taught in 5th grade as well, so I feel more prepared than if I was teaching a grade I had never worked with. If y'all know any good teaching blogs for 5th grade, leave me a link!

On top of accepting a position for teaching, I quit my retail job. I won't go into too much detail, but it was time.

I have a few days of "Funployment" if you can even really call it that. I've been getting some last minute stuff for my classroom and packing things up to move from the foyer of my house to my classroom.

I managed to hurt my elbow, if anyone has any tips to help an elbow out, let me know. I'm starting to not believe the internet. I have definitely made best friends with ice and my heating pad.

What I'm...

...watching? Bones on Amazon Prime (highly recommend!) I plan on getting into Orange is the New Black next.

....reading? Random books on my iPad (per usual).

...listening to? Kane Brown! "Heaven" is a great song!

...planning? My classroom/start of the school year.

What about y'all?