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Friday Five: August Goals

Hi y'all!

This week's post is going to look a little different. Instead of doing some favorites, I'm focusing on five goals for August.

1. Limited spending. As a new teacher, I don't get paid until the end of September so I'm in major need of budgeting.

2. Enjoy the start of my first school year. I'm really trying to think about the little memories and really participate in things.

3. Enjoy weekends. Since I have been working a majority of weekends for the past few years, I am really looking forward to enjoying weekends and doing things I want to do.

4. Wear different shoes. This is definitely different compared to the others, but I tend to wear the same pair of shoes every day and I have a closet floor full of shoes that need to be worn.

5. Do something with a friend. While I am super focused on school right now (teaching, not taking classes!) I am trying to remind myself I can spend time outside of the classroom, too. Luckily, I knew some of my co-workers, I …

Classic Never Goes Out of Style: Investment Jewelry

Hi y'all,

As you're reading this, I'm officially starting my new job and career!

Thinking about my new career, I thought about things I'll be wearing every day and I know these pieces of jewelry will definitely be it!

Pearl Earrings with Diamonds | Cable Classics Bracelet with Pearls and Diamonds, 5mm |  Tiffany and Co. Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Pendant
Now, before you start thinking, this girl spent a lot of money on jewelry. Guess again! I actually got my David Yurman bracelet from Ebay (highly recommend by the way). I got my David Yurman Earrings with my rewards from Nordstrom.
My Tiffany necklace was one that I purchased at full price (at $125 for high end jewelry, it was a good price) and I literally wear it daily. So worth it to me. I've had it since I finished my freshman year of college and it still looks brand new. 
Do you have any favorite investment pieces that you love? Have any that you have your eye on? Let me know!
xx, Lindsey