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Top 5 Winter Must Haves

Hi y'all,
It's that time of the year! It's time for the holidays, which also means the start of cold weather here in Virginia. Now, I realize Virginia winter can be pretty mild compared to what the northeast sees, but far worse than what the more southern states see.

In order to survive, I have my 5 must have products.

1. Senegence LipSense LipBalm. I LOVE this stuff! Send me a message if you want some! This stuff is seriously incredible. I used to use chapstick all the time. Believe me when I say that this is way better. I use it maybe 3 times a day max, and my lips do not crack anymore. The one "downside" is that when you first apply it, your lips tend to peel. It does not last long and it's the LipSense makeup that is creating the silky smooth lips that you're looking for. Your lips would peel no matter what product you're using, I just notice it more with LipBalm (I think it's how fast it happens, which means your getting what you want faster!…

Your Guide to Gift Giving

Hi y'all,

Let me start by saying I'm not a fan of gift guides. I don't like seeing the same products over and over again. Plus, it seems to take the thought out of them. However, I was just texting one of my friends, and she said she would like to know what I would suggest for a friend.

Instead of doing a gift guide, I'm going to make suggestions about how to go about purchasing or finding gifts for your friend.

1. Think outside the box. First, think about what they like to do or something they love, and find something connected, but something people do not really think about. For example, I got a sign for my desk at school about a dog from one of my best friends. It is definitely something I wouldn't buy for myself, but perfect because it relates to me.

2. Buy something they wouldn't buy for themselves. I do not want a gift I can just go out and purchase. Last Christmas, I got a "puppy blanket", just like a baby blanket but for your pup. I loved it b…

Favorite Makeup Products

Hi Y'all,
I kept thinking about what I wanted this post to be about, and after trying two different ones, I finally found this idea: my favorite makeup products.
I'm so picky when it comes to makeup. My skin is sensitive in the fact if it doesn't like the product it will break out. I'm also allergic to beeswax, so I can't use certain products (like Burt's Bees).
A little bit over a year ago, one of my friends started selling Senegence cosmetics.
I fell in LOVE!
It's perfect if you're a teacher or just a busy gal in general.

They have a wide range of products, but are most known for their LipSense product. It's long lasting lip color. When I say long lasting, I mean anywhere from 4-18 hours! And, they're a great price point too. I've personally had LipSense last through an entire holiday meal and the rest of the day's festivities.

However, my favorite product is actually their lip balm. This Lipbalm can be use anytime, anywhere. It helps p…

Time Flies

Hi y'all,
It's been since August since I last posted...
Since August I...
-Started my full time teaching job.
-Started the application process for grad school (which I can't apply to until November of next year anyway).
-Started saving for a house.

My grad class ends at the start of December (just about a month away). In that time I only have about 5 more assignments left to do. Woo! It's also hard to believe that almost 2 quarters of school are up. The first quarter flew by and was so much fun! I hope to write a post very soon about a few of my favorite assessments my students did. One that I'm excited to try is next week.

However, as far as blogging goes, I plan to get a post in once a week right now. November is a super busy time! I have Mistletoe Market with Junior League, Parent Teacher Conferences, planning days for school.

What have y'all be up to?
Let me know!