Time Flies

Hi y'all,
It's been since August since I last posted...
Since August I...
-Started my full time teaching job.
-Started the application process for grad school (which I can't apply to until November of next year anyway).
-Started saving for a house.

My grad class ends at the start of December (just about a month away). In that time I only have about 5 more assignments left to do. Woo! It's also hard to believe that almost 2 quarters of school are up. The first quarter flew by and was so much fun! I hope to write a post very soon about a few of my favorite assessments my students did. One that I'm excited to try is next week.

However, as far as blogging goes, I plan to get a post in once a week right now. November is a super busy time! I have Mistletoe Market with Junior League, Parent Teacher Conferences, planning days for school.

What have y'all be up to?
Let me know!


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