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Top 5 Winter Must Haves

Hi y'all,
It's that time of the year! It's time for the holidays, which also means the start of cold weather here in Virginia. Now, I realize Virginia winter can be pretty mild compared to what the northeast sees, but far worse than what the more southern states see.

In order to survive, I have my 5 must have products.

1. Senegence LipSense LipBalm. I LOVE this stuff! Send me a message if you want some! This stuff is seriously incredible. I used to use chapstick all the time. Believe me when I say that this is way better. I use it maybe 3 times a day max, and my lips do not crack anymore. The one "downside" is that when you first apply it, your lips tend to peel. It does not last long and it's the LipSense makeup that is creating the silky smooth lips that you're looking for. Your lips would peel no matter what product you're using, I just notice it more with LipBalm (I think it's how fast it happens, which means your getting what you want faster!)
I can also get you any of the other Senegence products that you love, or just want to try! Plus, mention this post and get 10% off your total order and FREE shipping.

2. Tula Purifying Face Wash. Again, a holy grail product that I love. It will last you over a month and your skill will feel amazing. You also get a discount if you have it on auto-delivery.

3. A pom-pom hat. Mine is from Vineyard Vines from last year's winter collection. However, I was browsing the Mark and Graham website and found this adorable monogramable one!

4. Yeti or S'well bottle. Y'all, you need just as much water in the winter as you do in the summer. Sometimes even more because the air isn't as humid. Plus, you can't pass up Lilly Pulitzer x S'wells new addition. Please keep in mind that if you see a different color online somewhere and it's not on the Yeti website, that means someone is powder dipping it and isn't an official Yeti product-which also means Yeti doesn't have to stand behind it.

5. Fisherman's Sweater. I adore these. I buy a new one every year because they're cute, warm, and you can wear them in so many different combos. Wear it with a sweater, jeans, cords, as a second layer: the possibilities are endless!

What are your top 5 winter must haves?



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