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The Highs and Lows of Technology in Classrooms

Hi y'all,
I've been finishing up the first half of my first year of teaching! EEK. It's so hard to believe that I've worked so hard for something and have made such a big dream of mine come true!

Anyway, I wanted to talk about the highs and lows of technology.

I use technology almost (if not every single) day in my classroom. Technology can be super useful and create a unique learning experience that sticks with students. However, it can also quickly become the bane of a teacher's existence.

Some of the high's I've found with technology as a teacher:
1. Quick response/communication. I remember back to when I was in school and my mom had to leave teacher's voice mails! I don't even think I set up my voicemail at school. However, I check my email when I get to school, throughout the day, and at the end of the school day. After that, I don't check it anymore! However, there is also the Seesaw app, which is incredible! I love it so much! It allows me to share pictures, videos, and student work all with the touch of a few buttons. Plus, a parent can send me a message and make sure I get all the information I need, and I can send them a message back! I hope to do a full post on how I use Seesaw soon.

2. Fact practice. As a math teacher, I get so frustrated that my fifth graders don't have fact fluency. Especially when the majority of the skills I teach, relate back to their facts! I'm currently using Xtramath and Reflexmath.

3. Practice problems. IXL is great for this. It gives students practice questions that allows them to concentrate on specific skills. It helps them figure out how to get the right answer if students are struggling with a skill. *Disclaimer: my school only pays for Language Arts and Math, but there are 10 sample questions available every day for Social Studies and Science.

4. Creativity. Most of my students use technology in a way that benefits them and will work to create new and unique products/work instead of the bare minimum.

The Low's:
1. Not every student can be trusted. I have had students lose technology privileges because they keep breaking our contract!

2. Becoming dependent on technology. I like to use a tech station at least every other day during Math. I also like to push a technology lesson in every Science unit as well. However, when students do lose their Chromebook privileges, I often forget to make a paper copy of something for them to work on!

3. Students already spend a ton of time with technology. My students are still all about Fortnite.

4. Lack of "proper" communication skills. I get so many messages in "text" lingo because my students are not consistently practicing "Proper" English rules outside of their Language Arts class.

Overall, I definitely do not love that technology is taking over; however, I know my students will need tech skills in their lives. In fact, I often make assignments that have them use different technology skills so they can learn to use their skills in a variety of ways.

What do you love/hate about technology in the classroom?



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