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Teaching How To Study

Hi y'all,

As teaching is such a big part of my life (it is my full time job, after all), I want to do a weekly post about education.

Right before winter break, I had a talk with one of my admin about students' study habits. I hear from parents all the time how they wished their child knew how to study.

I realized that I'm enabling them by giving them papers with all the information on it and then never "forcing" them to go back to them. Yes, I give them to time to study during Morning Work.  They also rush through their weekly Math Review at school so they do not have to do it at home. While, I give them credit for time management, they are not learning skills that they will need later in life.

One of my goals for this semester, especially with state testing coming up, is to go over study skills and teach them different note taking/review strategies.

I actually came across an anchor chart on Instagram by another teacher and LOVED it! It talked about what studying…

Staying Fit in the Winter

Hi y'all,

Staying fit in the winter is one of the hardest things! It's too cold to workout outside (at least here in Virginia it is). Plus, it is dark super early, not leaving you much time after work.

Gyms are also breeding grounds for germs and sickness. I paid for a membership to a gym for 4 months. Out of those 4 months, I was sick for about 3.5 months. I was also paying so much (gyms are expensive, here!) that I felt like I couldn't miss a day, so even though I felt like death I was still going to the gym every day.

I ended up signing up for Beachbody just over a year ago. While, I don't work out every day, I am much healthier than I was when I went to the gym. I also have more variety of what I can do. Instead of lifting a few weights and spending time on the elliptical (really the only thing I miss about the gym is the elliptical).

I also really suggest Youtube workouts. They have yoga, and the uber popular Blogilates.

It's also possible to get online subscr…

Winter Work Styles

Hi y'all,

Winter is by far my least favorite season to dress for. It's cold, gross, and cloudy almost the entire time. Plus, it gets dark so early!

Over the past few years, I've found myself grabbing for leggings and J.Crew's Pixie Pants more often than not. However, I do not find these totally work appropriate. As a teacher, I would only wear leggings/Pixie Pants if my bottom was completely covered.

However, I have a few go to's that I love for the winter!

Swing Dress (Under $20!) | Booties (Under $25!) |  Corduroy Pants (On Sale!) |Sweater Dress (Under $50!)

What do you like to wear to work?


Winter Fun!

Hi y'all,

January is always one of the months that I do not really look forward to. In college, I always wanted to since it meant recruitment for my sorority. However, in the real world; I do not look as forward to it. It's cold, grey, and non-motivating.

In Virginia, the real winter hits in January and February and is typically moving out by March. This means, it's time to buckle down the hatches for snow, ice, and other gross weather.

However, there are still fun things to do in the winter.

Here's a few things for winter fun:

1. Go to the library and grab some books! Especially when the weather man is calling for a snowstorm. This way, you'll have something to do and you can don't really need electricity for it.

2. Make hot chocolate, sit by the fire, and binge watch a series on Netflix or Hulu. You're warm, cozy, and relaxed!

3. Go sledding-if it's snowed.

4. Go to a museum.

5. Go shopping.

6. Go somewhere different for dinner.

7. Pick up a new hobb…

Financial Planning for the New Year

Hi y'all,

Since it's the beginning of the year, it's time to get finances in order! I have been really thinking about my financial goals. They have changed slightly, and that's okay!
Now, please keep in mind, I am no financial expert by any means.

My LONG long term goal is to buy a house. This was my original goal for this year; however, with interest rates only becoming higher, now is not the best time. However, I can keep saving my money and working toward this goal because the interest rates won't stay this high (or even higher) for long.  In fact, if you look at patterns, major election years (typically Presidential elections, the interest rates drop because of uncertainty in the market).

My shorter long term goal is to get a puppy, an apartment, and pay for my master's degree. I am so proud to say that I have yet to take a loan out for school and I would love to keep that going! I currently do live at home while I save some money (I put all my money into s…

Planning for the New Year

HI y'all,
I'm really trying to get back into my planning kick. You see, I was always super organized when it came to school (during Undergrad and before). With real life, I find that I rarely open my planner and then miss things or have to re-organize my day based on that. I don't like using a digital planner/calendar. I often just use them to find out when I have something (like my observations or other school important things) and then transfer it to my Day Designer by Blue Sky. Then, I make the ultimate mistake: I don't open my planner again.

I think this is happening for a few reasons:
I printed out calendars for a few months to lay out my planning/pacing for school. I never wrote these dates down anywhere else, and reference the papers whenever I need to look at the calendar for where I need to be.

I don't have a spot where I leave my planner. I typically just leave it in my school bag all day, which eliminates the purpose!  I'm trying to make a point to u…

New Year's Goals

Hi y'all,
Happy 2019!

I've been thinking long and hard about what my goals are for 2019. Notice, I did not use the word resolution. I dislike the word resolution because there is no means to an end with resolution; however, with a goal, you can break it down into the things you have to accomplish to reach that goal.

1. Get a puppy
How to accomplish getting a puppy?
-Stay up on my savings each month
-Move by Late May/Early June.

2. Be ahead with my planning for school.
-Plan at least a week ahead.
-Have copies made if applicable.
-Plan/make copies during planning (not before or after school).
-Stay organized.

3. Be fitter.
-Workout 3x a week (use Beachbody account).
-Drink at least 64 oz. of water every day.
-Eat healthier.

What are your goals for this year? How are you accomplishing them?